What To Do In Las Vegas?

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Whether you’re planning to fly to Vegas for an official business trip or you’re bringing your family with you for a vacation you can be certain that Las Vegas is a fascinating playground that can cater to all ages! There are tons of things to do in Las Vegas – sightseeing, visiting popular tourist attractions, dining at restaurants that offer a wide selection of food choices, adventures and casinos, you name it and this beautiful and bustling cosmopolitan city has it all for you. Let’s learn about the top things to do when you’re in the Sin City.

Enjoy Food and Music at 172 Live Music

The first on our list is 172 Live Music. You’ll probably think that it’s a concert venue and yes, while you’re right on that you probably didn’t know that they offer sumptuous meals on their menu as well. While you listen to your favorite bands you can sit back, relax and dine with their delectable sushi, special hand rolls, specialty nigiri, specialty rolls, seafood, pork wings, briskets, barbecue skewers and many more. After a lip-smacking meal you can unwind with their impressive array of alcoholic beverages. 172 Live Music offer beers, wines and cocktails. It’s a one-stop destination that has everything for you – music, food and alcohol. Make sure to catch your favorite bands by checking out their website for the band schedule.

Adventure Time at Stratosphere

Do you know that the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas is the tallest skyscraper in the city? In fact, it is hailed as the highest freestanding tower in America! Have you heard of the Singapore Flyer? If you did, the makers of that equally popular tower are the same as the engineering firm that built the world-renowned Stratosphere. Stratosphere is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies because it offers 4 mind-blowing rides that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

Explore and Discover The Las Vegas Strip

Don’t ever leave Las Vegas without exploring the Strip. Every time someone mentions Las Vegas it’s impossible not to associate it with this famous boulevard brimming with posh hotels and casinos. Every year, this famous strip is buzzing with visitors. The luxurious hotels and casinos have mesmerizingly beautiful interiors and they have equally lavish facades that would make excellent backdrops to your photos.

Experience Fremont Street

Another famous street in the Sin City is Fremont Street and it’s located right behind the Strip. This street is famed for its expansive canopy that spans a total of 450 meters. In this famous strip you’ll find vendors, street performers, musicians and artists. It’s also where you can find old casinos and hotels. It’s a place of entertainment all day and night. It’s a must-see tourist spot in Las Vegas.

Tick Off Hoover Dam from Your Bucket List

A must-see attraction in Las Vegas is the Hoover Dam. It was built during the Great Depression and it gave thousands of people jobs during its construction. You can tour the dam as well as the power plant. There are various tours available but they are all priced differently. This brilliant architecture is responsible for giving power to California, Arizona and Nevada.

Take a Photo of the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ Sign

The famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign should be on top of your list of to-dos when you’re in the city. Needless to say, all first-time visitors should take picture of this popular sign located at the southern end of the Strip. You can easily find it because it’s right next to Mandalay Bay.

There are tons of things to see and do in Las Vegas that a weekend trip will not be enough. Don’t worry; if you ever find yourself in this city again, we are certain that there will be new places to see, new restaurants to dine and new entertainment areas to unwind.

172 Live Music
172 Live Music
172 Live Music in the Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas is the only place to experience live local and national talent in an intimate, up close and personal setting. Paired with an elevated Japanese tapas and sushi dining experience and expertly crafted cocktails.