The Truth About Dentistry

No one likes going to the dentist. But the truth about dentistry is that dentists don’t like it either – when they have to cause you pain. It’s one of those industries which would love to itself out of business. And you can help.

How? By simply following their advice. Brush and floss. The real truth about dentists is that they want to help, they are there to correct imperfections in your smile – and deal with a toothache or any other sort of dental pain.

A great dentist is hard to find – but not impossible. Use your contacts = friends and family are your best sources of trusted recommendations. Don’t trust that flashy website – that is often the product o public relations or marketing professionals. If you really want to get the information that will enable you to make the best choice hit up the Internet. There are numerous websites that will provide information of your dental practice and the folk that will actually be putting their fingers in your mouth.

But go that little step further. Meet with the dentists that are on your shortlist. An initial consultation is your opportunity to see if your chosen service provider meets your unique expectations. It’s worth repeating – no visit to the dentist is going the ber fun – but having a great relationship and trusting that dentist is going to go along way towards making your next visit to that service provider a bit less stressful.

A with any professional, a dentist is a person that you have to trust. And that trust depends on the qualifications of the person who will be providing the service. Before you select the service provider you need to make sure that they are skilled enough to provide that service. This is where the Internet can again come to your aid. There are many websites that will provide you with information on the dentist that you are evaluating. Check out those sites to see if there is a local dentist that suits your unique need.

Evaluating those needs is one of the reasons that you need that initial consultation. You need the reassurance that the dental practitioner you choose has the skills to deal with your unique dental challenges. Checking up on their qualification and the status of their licensing is important.

But there are other things that are just as important – head for social media and take note of the comments that have been made not only about the practice – but about the dentist themself. A great smile and pain-free life is not a ‘good to have’ it’s an absolute necessity.

That is one of the reasons that you will have to check. Your mouth is a unique place – and you have to know that the person who is dealing with it has the skills to keep you smiling. That person is a partner. It may be that they will be doing things to you that lead to pain but you have to have every faith that they have your best interests in mind.

So, what is the real truth about dentists? They take no great joy in making you uncomfortable. Pian is not their business – rather they are in the business of stopping pain and making you the best that you can be as far as your smile is concerned.

The key to finding the best dentist is to do your research – and explain to that potential service provider that you have unique needs. They are there to help – they just want you to be better.

Dr. Mamaly Reshad
Dr. Mamaly Reshad
Dr. Mamaly Reshad, DDS, MSc, Prosthodontist, has over 20 years of experience in dentistry is the owner of ArtLab Dentistry in Brentwood.