Life sciences Executive Search & Biotech Recruiting

Are you preparing to crack an interview in your first life sciences executive search and biotech job? Well, you are not alone. According to a BioSpace Community Survey, almost 67% of life science respondents want a job in this industry. But there are usually too many candidates for a handful of job posts, making the competition extremely stiff. If you already have a life science executive search firm in mind and want to stand out among the other candidates, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

1. Diversify your demand

Life sciences executive search and biotech have a lot of departments. Don’t lose hope if you don’t get into one of your favorite categories. Try a few popular fields also, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical devices. There’s no harm in applying for different posts and departments. It gives you a better chance to get a job than others. Sticking to a specific field may turn out to be frustrating if too many candidates apply for the same job role.

According to experts, there is a high demand for regulatory leaders as many companies want to get their products approved by the FDA. You can also look at some of the job roles available in computation sciences. Consider your professional skills and how you can channel them in these roles better. You may end up getting a higher-paying job than the one you had earlier wanted.

2. Understand your local job market

What are some of the job opportunities related to life sciences and biotech in your local market? Are you willing to relocate to a new city or state for the sake of your dream job? These two answers will help you find the ideal job in the life sciences and biotech industry. Sometimes, you may not get the job you are looking for in your city. Maybe there are people already working for that post. Or maybe there are no companies to offer the job role that you want. Therefore, you should be open to relocating to another state or city if you find your dream job.

San Diego, New York City, San Francisco, and Boston are some of the prime locations where you can get a job in biotech or life science. You should search according to the national-level job market instead of searching locally.

3. Know your competition

As already mentioned, there is fierce competition in the life science and biotech industry. Almost everyone wants to get a job with a good package. But you should keep the organization pyramid in mind when you apply for your job. The higher up you go in the pyramid, the fewer roles you should expect. This industry requires tons of ground-level workers every year. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can look for higher-level jobs, but you would have to compete with the best in the business.

4. Be proactive

Suppose you find a job opening online. Be proactive in applying with your resume right away. Keep your resume updated. Don’t leave it until late as you may miss out on including some of your previous achievements. Start preparing for the interview the moment the company accepts your resume. Being proactive keeps you in a positive mindset. You feel confident about cracking the interview, which helps a lot on the day of the interview.

The life science and biotech industry is a vast field with various job opportunities. You just need to pick a field that suits your qualifications. Keep the tips above in mind to get your dream job with a satisfactory salary package.

Olivier Isaac Safir
Olivier Isaac Safir
As Senior Partner of one of the world’s top Life Sciences headhunting firms (, Olivier Isaac SAFIR advises CEOs, Board Members and Investors of the Biotech and Pharma arenas in the US, Europe and Israel.