Bethany Joy Lenz in London’s East End

December 5, 2012 || Written by Webmaster in Image Gallery, Photoshoots, Videos || Comments Off

Bethany Joy Lenz is not just another actress. Yes, we all recognize her from her long-time role as Haley James Scott in CW’s “One Tree Hill.” But to us, we see her first as a mother, and then we have to list out her other occupations – musician, singer, entrepreneur, activist, blogger, and fashionista. After we spent some time with Lenz in Los Angeles back in January, we discovered how infatuated we were with her. She exudes this very warm light when she walks in a room – she’s simply someone you want to know, understand, and befriend.

While Lenz traveled in Europe earlier this year, we had to catch her during her time off. We sent our friend Emily-Jane Robinson to film and photograph Lenz as she explored Brick Lane, a little hip area of London’s East End. One of Lenz’s favorite things to do is shop in vintage stores, so we of course had to invade The Vintage Emporium and Beyond Retro.

What resulted from this afternoon adventure…is the below. source

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