Different Types of Pond Water Pumps and How They Work

One secret to having a beautiful water pond in your garden is installing the right water pump. Pond water pumps play a crucial role in the circulation and filtration of water in the pond. Pumps specifically a submersible pond pump make it possible to add amazing water features like streams, waterfalls and fountains to your pond.

A good pond water pump should operate continuously with minimal human intervention or frequent maintenance. A good pond water pump should also be energy efficient in order to minimize the costs of keeping in running all the time. However, it’s not always easy to find the right pump for your pond. You can easily end up with a pump that’s either too small or too big for your pond. Or, you may mistakenly buy a pump that is inefficient and uses too much energy. Whichever the case, the cost of buying the wrong pond water pump can be costly, indeed.

Size and Purpose of The Pump

Before purchasing a pump for your pond, it’s important to establish its intended use or purpose first. Do you want to use for water circulation or for operating a waterfall and fountain? Do you need it to have an active filtration system? Once you have answered these questions, you can then proceed to decide on the size and type of pump you require.

If your pond has a waterfall or fountain, then your pump needs to be strong enough to power these water features. Furthermore, the water should be circulating in such a manner that it keeps the entire pond clean. If the pump is strong enough to circulate water in the pond but not the waterfall or fountain, then you may need to consider getting a different pump for your pond.

Different Types of Pond Water Pumps

There are many types of pond water pumps available in the market, depending on the size and water features of the pond. The main types of pumps available right now include:

1. Submersible Pond Pumps

These pond water pumps are typically submerged underwater, often beneath the ‘heart’ of the pond. There are many types of submersible pond pumps you can buy. There is the magnetic-drive pond pump that is energy-efficient, strong, and compact. Its only drawback is that it is not appropriate for pumping water to heights higher than 4 feet. On the other hand, there is the direct drive pump which does a good job of lifting water to high heights, but is not as energy-efficient as the magnetic-drive pump. Luckily, there are hybrid submersible pond pumps that both energy efficient and good at lifting water.

2. External Pond Pumps

External pond pumps are suitable for larger ponds that require more powerful pumps. These pumps can be installed outside the pond and are known to be highly efficient. You can connect external pond pumps to spillways and waterfall filters. High-end external pond pumps are also very silent, which means they don’t cause any unnecessary noise pollution. They are also quite durable.

3. Waterfall and Fountain Pumps

Waterfalls and fountains are optional features that you can add to your pond to make it look more sophisticated and appealing. If you are considering adding these features to your pond, it’s crucial that you invest in a high-quality waterfall pump or fountain pump. Just like external pond pumps and submersible pond pumps, waterfall and fountain pumps work efficiently and continuously without need for frequent maintenance.


Regardless of the features, purpose, and size of your pond, the most important thing is that you get a pond water pump that is able to operate both effectively and efficiently in the long run.