How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading is also sometimes called eyebrow embroidery. It’s a procedure that is typically categorized as permanent makeup, but it’s not actually traditional tattooing for cosmetic purposes. In fact, it’s far less invasive and not even all that permanent. If you’re looking for microblading in Minneapolis and wondering how long microblading actually lasts, it ranges from one to three years. Your skin type matters a lot, as does your skincare routine.

This procedure is accomplished by a professional using their hand tools and ultra-fine needles. Each ‘hair’ they do is something they gently etch into your skin. The final appearance should look quite realistic and natural. Microblading is useful in either the full reconstruction of a lost eyebrow or just for dramatic corrections. If your brows are over-tweezed, thinned from age, or just really small in the first place, then you can use microblading to enhance your look. Skin tone is always a consideration in choosing the pigments that get used but matching a desired or natural brow color is also important.

Your first microblading session should take up to three hours. In this time, your brow technician is going to style and shape your brows in a way that you should approve of. That’ll be followed by the selection of the pigment color. Once you’re satisfied with the choices made, the procedure begins.

You’ll likely need a second microblading session a month or six weeks following your initial appointment. This session can take up to two hours, and it involves any minor touch-ups that might be necessary.

The healing process can take up to two weeks for your brows to heal over initially. The color is going to fade almost by half during the healing process, and what’s left won’t set in fully for about a month. In the early days, your eyebrow areas are going to be mildly red. Other dark colors might happen. Don’t get freaked out though, as this is typical for the process. You might even notice a little bit of scabbing. Don’t pick at them; you can hurt your skin and impact the outcome of the microblading.

Your eyebrows are going to lighten up over time, and you don’t need any physical downtime after your procedure. You might notice very light color a few weeks after you heal, almost as if your skin looks like an opaque milk. Those in the tattoo community call this ‘milk skin’ and happens a lot. It’s from tissue that might have healed skin on the outside but still have healing going on inside. True color is going to reveal itself eventually.

The touch-up session is absolutely necessary if you want your microblading to have a better chance of lasting three years instead of just one. The touch-up session in four to six weeks is needed since everyone will heal differently and their outcomes are going to vary. Particular areas might not pick up in the first session, but refills can correct that. Pigment colors might require adjustment, and additional strokes and brow thickness can get added too. If you have oily skin, you might need a deeper shade in your touch-up session since the oils might lighten up your pigment. Most crucially, your touch-up appointment is when brow refinement happens that perfects your look and makes sure you enjoy color for at least a year.

As you can, numerous factors matter in terms of how long your microblading will last. A good rule of thumb is at least a year if you have a good professional, take care of yourself, and then get to your follow-up session. With luck, you can make it last as long as three years.