Should Your Workplace Allow Concealed Carry Weapons?

Though gun laws remain a hot button topic of controversy, there are times when one’s legal ability to be armed means nothing. Private property owned by non-government entities are allowed to ban people from bringing concealed weapons of all kinds on the premises and if one is caught with such a weapon, they have little legal recourse to deal with repercussions of breaking the concealed weapons rules of private property.

Concealed carry weapon hidden in beltWhile all private citizens may have rights to weapons, they also have the right to disallow weapons on property they own. As an example, in Nevada, you may have a Nevada CCW permit, which allows you to carry a concealed weapon. However, public places with private owners will likely have their own rules and regulations for weapons that employees and customers will need to follow unless they wish to be fired or kicked out.

Of note are weapons in the workplace. Because most non-government workplaces are private property, one’s employers are free to make any rules and regulations regarding concealed weapons they please. Many workplaces have no problems adhering to the same weapons rules as written in the state’s laws, and thus any weapon brought into the workplace is as acceptable as it would be on the street.

As something of a corollary though, just because a concealed weapon is allowed does not protect one from the social backlash of bringing a weapon into the workplace. These are difficult times and many people are ill at ease knowing there’s a real weapon in their workplace, While some people will be more comfortable with these weapons than others, many people will also be uncomfortable around a person they know is armed.

Some workplaces, however, have stricter weapons rules than the states they’re based in. There are a multitude of reasons for doing this that employees and customers are more than allowed to disagree with, but if employees want to hold to on to their jobs, they will want to follow these weapons rules to the letter, whatever they may be. Obviously, this issue gives human resources personnel a lot of difficulty in deciding on policy.

Some private employers are particularly opposed to weapons and will not allow serious weapons on their premises at all. This is their right as private property owners and employees who suffer consequences for breaking these rules have little real legal recourse should they be caught with these weapons. While one can make a request that the rules be changed and if they’re high enough in the hierarchy to make the rules, they can change the rules, in the end, only the property’s owner can determine whether or not weapons are allowed in your workplace.

Knowing your workplace’s rules about weapons are important if one wishes to be armed and still keep their job. Sometimes this can mean being unarmed in the workplace, which is a state that will simply have to be lived with if an employer exercises their right to ban firearms among their employees. If a workplace does allowed concealed weapons to be carried, one should know what is and isn’t allowed and follow those rules as exactly as possible.

Why Owning A Hair Salon Could Be The Perfect Business For Millenials

Millenials are the children of this century. They are different than previous generations, as they are the first ones to be born in a digital world. They’ve been accustomed to the internet and to various mobile devices since early childhood, so there’s no wonder they want to stay connected wherever they go. They can’t live without their gadgets, so they wouldn’t accept a work environment where they would be forbidden to check out their smartphone a few times per hour.

Hair salon owner and a clientMost of these people find it hard to keep a job for more than a few months. They want to have decent wages, because they area aware of their value and they aren’t willing to give in. Previous generations were happy when employers hired them and trained them, despite the relatively low wages. Those people knew they were going to improve their skills and gain experience in their industry or niche, thus being eligible for much better jobs in the future. Millenials aren’t willing to go through all this. They don’t care about material possessions. As a matter of fact, many of them prefer not to own a car or a house, as they don’t want to be held back by anything.

Under these circumstances, one might wonder what a millennial could do for a living, in order to feel happy and fulfilled. Owning a hair salon could be one of the multiple answers to this question. There are several obvious reasons why this is the perfect business for millenials, as you are going to see in a moment.

First of all, according to Shawn Smith, owner of Ritual Hair Salon Hillsboro, a hair salon is about meeting people and making them feel better. They come to have their hair done, but they expect to give their self-esteem a well-deserved boost by changing the way they look. The owner of a hair salon provides clients haircuts, but also a good dose of happiness. This is something millenials do care about, so they are going to feel good about themselves whenever seeing one of their clients with a happy smile on the face.

Hair salons are also about interactions and communication. As most clients spend at least one hour here, it comes without saying that this is the perfect opportunity to network and have a nice chat with other clients and with the staff. This business is social by nature, thus being the perfect fit for the profile of this young generation. They never get tired communicating, as this is their true nature. They feel their best when they are surrounded by people, when they can exchange opinions and thoughts, and when they can joke about the various facets of our modern society.

Few places are more relaxing than a hair salon. Clients come here to feel good and to spend a couple of hours in good company, while also having their hair styled. Nobody is stressed, there are no boring business meetings or endless presentations, there aren’t any restrictions. The only thing the owner has to do is to provide customers an enjoyable experience. Of course, the hair salon owner has the responsibility of hiring the best stylists and of offering them high quality materials and equipment, as all these are key ingredients of great services.

Even though millenials appear so detached from their environment and from the surrounding world, they can be responsible adults and reliable members of their community. However, they can’t function properly in rigid environments, so they need to try jobs and activities that allow them unleash their creativity and their spirit of innovation. This is why they could be the perfect hair salon owners.