Hiring a Private Detective to Investigate Spousal or Partner Infidelity

People who suspect their spouses are cheating on them usually have a reason to worry – which is why it only makes sense to hire a private investigator to verify your suspicion or put your mind at ease.

Typewriter with word investigationIf you find yourself in this situation, you will probably be foreign to the process of procuring a private investigation firm who can help you ascertain the facts. At first, it may seem a daunting task, as there are many things to consider, but the primary factors boil down to just a few main points.

Service Inclusions

Finding out whether your spouse is cheating on you may likely only be the first of several steps you will engage in. Many PIs concerned with family matters can also provide information pertinent to divorce proceedings and child custody. It’s best to define exactly what services you need and what they can offer. Think a few steps forward on what you may need should your PI come back with irrefutable proof of spousal infidelity.

Methods and Licensing

Ask PIs regarding their legal status and the methods they use to obtain information. Wilson Investigations is a private detective in Houston, TX who provides infidelity investigations. They have state-of-the-art video equipment and the ability to provide 2 or 3 surveillance units to observe all of the contacts your spouse has had, via investigation of vehicle plate numbers. It can often require multiple points of surveillance to get all the facts.

Always inquire about the legal bounds of investigating your spouse. For example, a houston private investigator may be regulated by different laws and rules than an investigator in Chicago. A good PI should be able to give detailed information on what they can and cannot do in the course of the procedure.

Don’t forget about their licensing. The individuals you hire must be recognized by the state and be part of at least one official governing body. This way, you’ll be assured that the PI is operating within the legal scope of the industry, ensuring that you won’t get in trouble for the job.

This is crucial – especially if you intend to pursue a divorce. The results of the investigation must be obtained through legal means for it to be acceptable in court.

Willingness to Appear in Court

Going in, it’s best if you know whether the PI is capable and willing to appear in court should it become necessary. The fact is that divorce is a messy business and although they may not always end in court, the presence of a PI and the validity of the evidence they produce is something that will be used in the case.

This is important especially if you happen to have a prenuptial agreement covering cheating or infidelity. In cases like this, your PI should be in the position to present his evidence and essentially strengthen your claim and ensure a win.

Confidentiality Agreement

Of course, some suspicions regarding cheating can be wrong and if this is the case, chances are you won’t want your spouse to know about this. A contract must therefore be signed prior to any job, stating absolutely confidentiality on your part should it become necessary. Look for this in the contract and insist that it should be placed with a detailed explanation on penalties should the confidentiality agreement be breached when hiring an investigator for infidelity and cheating spouse investigations.

Note that the agreement extends to the fruits of the surveillance. It’s best to be clear about what they will do with the evidence. Usually, copies are given to the client while originals are kept by the PI. Should you wish it, you can also request that the originals are given to you with no copies left in their possession.

Cost of the Surveillance

Now, this is a little trickier and as the client, it’s important to set ground rules early on. See, most private detective professionals charge on a per hour basis, plus a little extra for the mileage. The two of you should talk about the extent of the job such as where your spouse usually goes, their schedule, and other information pertaining to their daily activities. From here, the PI will calculate a rough estimate for the project.

You can also try finding a company that offers a flat rate with clearly defined services that you may or may not need. You may spend around $250 or $3000, depending on the situation.

As the spouse, you’re in the perfect position to do some investigating yourself. This is an excellent starting point, allowing you to provide valuable information that can be used for further investigations. Remember that whether you’re wrong or not – hiring a PI at least gives you factual information that aids with your next decision regarding your marriage. Always remember that when it comes to hiring private detective, meeting the PI face to face is a must.